General Motors has apparently released plans that a higher-output V6 version of the Chevrolet Camaro will hit the market towards the end of this year. It'll be called the Chevrolet Camaro LFX V6 and it will be E85 compatible.
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Not only will the Camaro LFX V6 feature a more environmentally-friendly engine than the typical V8 brothers, the 3.6-litre V6 will also be quite powerful; said to output up to 245kW thanks to twin-cam technology and the ability to slurp on 'greener', higher-octane, E85 (85 percent ethanol) fuel. This would almost put it close to the outgoing entry-level Ford Mustang V8, in terms of power.

Other traditional aspects of the American muscle car will still exist, such as the anabolic two-door body layout. Setting the LFX apart from the V8 siblings will be a number of discreet detail changes, such as trimming changes throughout the interior and of course, plenty of LFX badges.

No official details have been released in regards to where this model will sit, specifically, in the Camaro lineup though. Punters are saying this model might even be slotted someone in the middle of the range, above base-model V8 versions. Other speculators expect a big bump in power for the 2012 V8 engines, which will allow this LFX to remain as the entry-level V6 model.

Reports say the car should hit the showrooms in America by the end of the year wearing a 2012 model year plate. Holden Commodore 3.6-litre 245kW V6, anyone?