2008 Alfa Romeo Junior preview

Based on FIAT Punto underpinnings, the Alfa Romeo Junior is set for arrival late this year bringing an affordable, fresh and sexy model to the Alfa line up.
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Pegged to sit under the 147 in both price and size, Junior is aimed to rival the likes of BMW's sucessful Mini.

Powered by a choice of two diesel and three petrol engines, the Junior will have power ratings from 88 through to 147kW in standard form. An AWD 184kW T-Jet model is also rumoured to follow the initial line-up, possibly in to early 2009.


With awesome looks not too disimilar of the 8C Competitzione, the Junior name has not yet been confirmed and is currently the subject of a competition running out of the UK.

Other details and pricing are as yet unconfirmed, but I'm sure you'll agree that anything this good looking is worth a little suspense.