A man driving a Ferrari 599 who lost control at 80km/h and then ploughed into two oncoming motorcyclists last October has just walked out of court a 'free man', with his licence still in his pocket.
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The incident occurred on the Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria, where Andrew Hosemans, and a friend following behind, were riding at the time before being involved in the accident.

The leading motorcyclist (Mr Hosemans) involved in the crash, was hurled over the Ferrari's windscreen and over the roof. He suffered injuries including a fractured vertebrae, sternum and right femur and also a collapsed lung and ruptured bowel. The rider was also induced into coma for two weeks after the accident. He is still undergoing treatment. The other rider managed to escape more serious injuries.

Mr Hosemans is upset the driver wasn't punished more sternly at the court hearing. A News Limited report quoted Hosemans as saying,

"I'm a bit gutted, I thought he would've at least done his licence for a little while I'm still going to rehab and getting operations. But I'll make sure I get over that pretty quickly, I've got better things to do than worry about him."

The driver of the Ferrari, Carlo Vaccari, 64, was convicted of careless driving and ordered to pay $3000 to two road trauma funds. Reports say the man has apparently never admitted to being at fault. Mr Hosemans also added,

"He never said sorry. I actually felt a bit disappointed for him, just not being able to own up to the fact you've been a fool."