Mastretta MXT first Mexican sports car to debut in 2011

It's been four years in the making, but the Mexican Mastretta MXT will debut next year, making it the first sportscar to be designed and built in Mexico.
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The company says it has been designed for the European and American markets, and more specifically, for driving enthusiasts. It features a Ford Duratec 2.0-litre engine - seen in some variants of the Ford Fiesta - that has been turbocharged. The lightweight sportscar will offer 179kW of power and deliver 0-100km/h times of 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 230km/h.

It's certainly no powerhouse but for a first attempt at the sportscar market, and as a first attempt as an independent Mexican manufacturer, it's isn't too bad at all. The company itself is owned by two brothers, Daniel and Carlos Mastretta, who own a company called Tecnoidea. This Tecnoidea company has been responsible for the designs of many Mercedes-Benz and International buses over the past 20 years; so they know a thing or two about the automotive industry.

The bodywork kind of looks like a Lotus Elise, only sharper. The car also showcases the same lightweight mentality as a Lotus, and is made from exotic materials, including aerospace-grade aluminium. The MXT features interior comforts as well though, unlike the Lotus, and includes things like sat-nav and power controls.

Mastretta unveiled the MXT at this year's Paris motor show where it generated a large amount of interest. The company say it is planning to produce around 100 of the MXTs next year for international markets. Prices will start at US$55,000 (AU$56,224 ).