Jeep to make new entry level model by 2013

Recent reports to come out of America say Jeep is planning on producing a brand new entry-level model to come into the range below the Jeep Patriot, in terms of both a cheaper and smaller specification.
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Although the vehicle is yet to receive a name, reports say it will share its platform with a Fiat, as well as engine and transmission options shared from the same vehicle. Sources say the car will most likely be based on the Fiat Panda and rumoured to be called a Jeep Phoenix, although Jeep is yet to confirm.

Jeep said last year that it would develop a car especially for the international market but recent comments by Jeep CEO, Michael Manley, say the car could be sold in America as well.

Michael Manley also said the new car will target a much younger market through the use of offering a smaller more usable package compared to the rest of the Jeep lineup, as well as belonging to a low price tag.

Manley says the new car will regain some of its original, baby boomer customers as well who have since moved on to other brands offering cross-over type packages. He says the new car will fit that market sector as well.

Manley added that the new model will be significantly smaller than the current Wrangler, but says it will still offer 'capability, safety and value'.

*Rendered image source: area75 car design