WRX STi-Powered ATV

Here at CarAdvice we relish over anything with four wheels, and the following creation is no exception.
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When fifty-year-old New Zealand resident Ken Brough - a self confessed petrol head - decided to take the drivetrain from a 90's era Subaru WRX STi and fit it into an ATV shell, it is doubtful if anyone but a car enthusiast could understand his motivations.


What he has produced is one of the most impressive, unique and intoxicatingly beautiful sounding combustion creations ever created.

Dubbed the STiATV and weighing in at a feather-light 530kg, with a conservative power estimate upward of 200kW, it is certain to unnerve even the most hardened of drivers (riders?), albeit with the less than ideal 70/30 weight distribution.


Unfortunately despite his best efforts, Ken has been unable to have his creation road-registered by the New Zealand roads authority - which fortunately didn't stop him from creating this amazing video.

Watch till the end for the powerslides!