Ayrton Senna, known as one of the greatest drivers of all time, would have had his 50th birthday this year. The Brazilian Formula 1 driver raced for 10 years in the sport and won three world championships. His skills and knowledge trickled down into the production world of cars to help create the outstanding and highly-praised Honda NSX.
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As a celebration of Senna's input into the automotive industry, here's a nice video put together by renowned automotive short film maker, Format67. It features the latest and greatest Honda NSX, the Type R, being driven on the Nurburgring.

In the film, a progressive build up of music heightens goosebumps as multiple individuals experience different feelings for the car. The overall presence of the NSX is very real and is conveyed excellently through this video.

With plans from Nissan circulating, hyping up the possibility of a new 200SX to be released in the future, and Toyota's recent plans to revive the Supra, we'd love for Honda to reignite development on a Nineties sports car revival. A new Honda NSX.