Following on from our recent images of the Commodore Berlina VE2 and Commodore Omega VE2, we are pleased to reveal the Commodore VE2 SS V-Series, in addition to the interior it will feature.
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In addition to tucked in headlights similar to those of the Berlina and Omega, the SS V-Series receives a revised halogen projector headlight cluster. Our inside spy suggests that sport variants will have the option of featuring tinted headlight and tail-light clusters, adding to the sporty feel.

Computer generated image by Joshua Byrnes.

Revised fog lamp clusters and a revised front bumper bar will give the SS Commodore a rejuvenated feel. Revisions to the rear end are less visible, with minor changes to the spoiler structure, now with a greater rake angle. The other major change is a small boot-lip spoiler, which will be fitted across the range.

Inside the cabin, the Commodore VE Series 2 will receive a major revision to the centre cluster. A revised screen will sit higher up and will feature full iPod and iPhone integration (similar to the FG Falcon), in addition to a higher resolution touch-screen.

Siemens VDO is responsible for the current integrated satellite navigation console in the VE Commodore and has been tasked with the Commodore Series 2 integrated console.

Computer generated image by Joshua Byrnes.

At a press conference earlier in the year, Siemens VDO CEO, Zoran Angelkovski told CarAdvice that Siemens VDO had signed a deal with Holden that would see the German manufacturer supply the new touch screen to Holden from June.

Mr Angelkovski told CarAdvice that Siemens VDO had designed the new system to allow Holden to utilise some features currently seen in European vehicles. He also said that there will be three grades of complexity ranging from Omega to Caprice, each featuring touch-screen capability.

In addition to E85 capability on all its V6 engines, Holden is like to up the power output of the SS and SS V-Series, giving them a better chance against Ford's soon to be supercharged XR8. Power output is expected to rise to around 290kW, with Active Fuel Management (AFM) remaining available across the V8 range.

A new Gen V V8 engine will join the Commodore range once it becomes available in the USA, in around two years time.

What are your thoughts on the new SS Commodore design? Is it aggressive enough? What about the new interior, does it suit the Commodore?