Volkswagen New Vento (Polo sedan) set for India

Following last week’s unveiling of the 2011 Volkswagen Polo sedan for the Russian market comes news that the car will also be built and sold in India as the Volkswagen New Vento.
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The New Vento will be manufactured at Volkswagen’s plant in Chakan, Pune, and according to Volkswagen India director and member of the board, Neeraj Garg, it has been designed separate from the Russian version specifically for the Indian market.

“The New Vento is a major milestone for the Volkswagen brand in India. We have taken into consideration all the preferences and requirements of our customers in India for this vehicle. It will meet the premium demands of our future customers,” Mr Garg said.

To keep costs down, the New Vento misses out on Volkswagen’s TSI gear (turbocharging and direct-injection) and DSG transmission from launch, although it has not ruled out upgrading from the standard five-speed manual and automatic ’boxes in the future.

Both engine options, petrol and diesel, are 1.6-litre units and produce 77kW of power.

Volkswagen says the New Vento will feature suspension tuned for India’s rough roads, powerful air conditioning, high ground clearance, ABS and airbags and, most importantly, a loud horn.

It marks the brand’s seventh model in the Indian market and its second volume seller after the earlier launch of the Polo hatch.

Volkswagen Australia's Karl Gehling said VW had no interest in the New Vento/Polo sedan for a local launch and said it was happy with the brand's current offering in Australia.

(with The Economic Times)