Nissan is a lucky car company, ever since Carlos Ghosn took over as CEO of Renault and Nissan, both companies have come out on top in their own way. Mr Ghosn has been a big supporter of many successful projects, apart from rescuing Nissan from bankruptcy and into a rather profitable business, he can be credited for giving the go ahead for the current Nissan GT-R which has bought Nissan more credibility than could've been imagined.
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He is also a strong believer in electric vehicles which is why Nissan has produced the Nissan LEAF. The electric car which was recently shown to the media in Australia currently has more than 13,000 paid reservations (worldwide) even thought it's still several months away from being produced.

Despite the positivity surrounding the LEAF, Nissan's Ghosn is still waiting to see actual sales numbers prior to increasing production capacity.

"The signs coming are very encouraging, we see the number of hand raisers -- 130,000. The number of people putting in reservations and paying a little bit of money -- 13,000. They're all encouraging. But they are still not sales. We have to be careful. If we see, when December comes and actual sales start, the hand-raising and pre-ordering transform fully into sales, we'll have to make some decision and action on capacity" Ghosn told reported in the United States.

Given the current number of interested parties Nissan has admitted it will be past its manufacturing capacity for at least the first two years. The Nissan LEAF will initially be built in Japan only and then if all goes well a brand-new 150,000-car-a-year assembly line in Tennessee USA which is set to go live by 2013 will help ease supply issues.

Can you see yourself driving an electric car in the next 10 years?