More spy photos of Ford Performance Vehicle's supercharged FPV products have emerged, amid claims from industry insiders that the project has been delayed beyond its proposed July 1st introduction.
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As the July 1st Euro IV emissions deadline looms, Ford will potentially be left with a situation where it has to sell old stock until the new Euro IV compliant 5.0-litre V8 is ready to go into production.

Insiders claim FPV engineers are having a great deal of trouble with the FG's drivetrain and coping with the extra torque produced by the new line of supercharged V8 engines.

Ford Australia Communications Manager, Sinead McAlary told CarAdvice:

We are moving forward with our plans to launch our exciting new V8 engines later this year. We'll tell everyone more about the new V8 engines and their vehicles at the appropriate time.

Read into that as you will.

The latest spy photographs suggest wider tyres may be on the cards (bigger flared rear wheel arches can be seen in the photo below), despite earlier rumours that tyre widths would remain unchanged across the range.

The next generation of V8 Falcons is expected to remain generally unchanged with regards to styling. Insiders have suggested that alloy wheels will be shuffled around the range with the GT-P or GT-E receiving the wheels fitted to the recent 5th Anniversary FPV GT.

Ford recently announced plans for its six-cylinder range, but made specific mention of its V8 products being announced later down the track, lending credibility to the claims of production delays:

Falcon XR8 sedan and Ute models are not part of this Euro IV upgrade for the FG Falcon range. Details regarding plans for the iconic XR8 nameplate will be revealed at a later date.

This doesn't mean a stop to V8 products after the July 1st deadline though. While Ford is unable to produce any more BOSS V8 engines following the July 1st deadline, it is able to sell stock Euro III that was produced prior to July 1st. Ford Australia Communication Manager, Sinead McAlary told CarAdvice:

As for the Euro 4 deadline - that is for vehicles produced from July 1, not sold. Any Euro 3 vehicles built before that date can still be sold afterwards.

Our inside source suggested that power figures may have to be detuned if the drivetrain continues to fail under load. What we can tell you is that the figures Ford had hoped for when it released preliminary information to the Department of Transport in December, 2009 were:

  • Ford Falcon XR8
    • 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 (Coyote)
    • 315kW @ 6500rpm
  • Ford Falcon GT/GT-E/GT-P
    • 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 (Coyote)
    • 330kW @ 6600rpm
  • Ford Falcon GT-H
    • 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 (Coyote)
    • 351kW @ 6850rpm

Finally, the induction ports seen on both sides of the front bumper bar seen on test vehicles to date indicate the fog lights will be banished and LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) will be used instead, according to our insider. They will be similar to those currently fitted to the HSV E2 Series.

CarAdvice will bring you more photos and information as they come to hand, so stay tuned!