BMW M3 GTS not coming to Australia

It's a blow to potential motorsport clients, but the ballistic new M3 GTS won't be coming here, according to BMW Australia. With an enlarged 4.4-litre V8 making 337kW, running through a seven-speed M-DCT transmission to the rear wheels, the M3 GTS also comes with suspension, aerodynamic and interior tweaks to lighten, stiffen and boost performance.
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It weighs less than 1500kg and comes with special mounts for a six-point harness as well as a roll cage. No rear seats, titanium exhausts, special sound deadening - it makes for one very special package.

Speaking with CarAdvice today, Corporate Communications Manager, Tim James, was disappointed that we wouldn't see the BMW M3 GTS coming to our shores.

"Unfortunately at this stage it's going to be left-hand-drive only. There's just not sufficient demand to produce a right-hand-drive model", said Mr James. "People could potentially import one themselves, but it would be track-use only and have to be trucked everywhere."

Even the UK, BMW's biggest RHD market, wouldn't be able to push through enough orders to warrant a steering wheel on the opposite side.

When asked if it would be the same story with the BMW Z4 GT3 - a motorsport only Z4 with an M3 V8 shoehorned in - Mr James noted that the car was just speculation at this stage.

"We haven't seen any information on the car - it's not even on BMW Motorsport's press site," said Mr James.

According to reports, it uses a remapped ECU to produce 360kW and runs through a six-speed sequential gearbox. Centrally locked wheels and race-specific ABS are standard, with air-conditioning said to be an option. If it does make it into production, it's almost guaranteed Australia will miss out on that one too.

Excuse me while I go off to dry my tears...