The Honda Civic and Hyundai i30 have been awarded five-star safety ratings by independent crash-testing firm ANCAP.
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Following the disappointing two-star result for the Great Wall Steed ute, the two popular small cars scored top marks, while the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Activity lifestyle van was also awarded the full five stars.

Interestingly, the i30's score is carried over from tests of the related Elantra sedan, which managed 35.01 points out of a possible 37. The 2017-stamped safety rating applies to all variants of the new-generation Hyundai i30 range.

For this decision, Hyundai provided technical information to ANCAP on both the new i30 hatch and the Elantra sedan, and it was determined that the mechanical and structural relationship between the two cars is sufficient for the carry-over score.


Above: 2017 Hyundai i30, Top: 2017 Honda Civic sedan

Meanwhile, the Honda Civic sedan and hatch range score five stars, with 34.68 points out of a possible 37. The result is based on ANCAP and ASEAN NCAP crash tests, and applies to all variants except for the upcoming Civic Type R hatch.

Finally, the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo activity van also managed the top five-star safety rating, based on tests of the closely-related V-Class people mover. The safety score applies to all versions of the Marco Polo Activity produced from January 2017.