If you love your Aussie muscle cars, you'll want to have the hero of all Australian muscle cars sitting on your desktop.

CarAdvice photographer Tom Fraser has assembled ten of his favourite pictures of the 2017 HSV GTSR W1 that you can download in high resolution to set as your desktop wallpaper.

To download high resolution copies of the images, simply click on your desired image(s) below and they will open in a new window as high resolution images.

Then, simply save the image and set it as your desktop background. You can also click on the Photos tab at the top of the page to download any other images from our HSV GTSR W1 wallpaper gallery.

Tell us in the comments below which photo is your favourite.

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-1High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-2High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-3High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-4High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-5High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-6High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-7High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-8High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-9High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-10High resolution

2017-hsv-gtsr-w1-hr-11High resolution