The automaker's UK arm has created an origami-inspired Nissan Juke to celebrate the small SUV's fifth birthday.
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Nissan UK commissioned paper artist Owen Gildersleeve to build a full-size replica of its UK-made crossover, matching the Juke's dimensions and details one-to-one.

The paper replica of the Juke took Gildersleeve and his team over 200 hours to create, and consists of more than 2000 pieces of folded paper.

According to Nissan, the choice of material stems from the fact that many ideas start with a blank piece of paper.

Gildersleeve says that the sculpture's "origami focus [is] inspired by Nissan’s Japanese roots" and that the "individual pieces of paper [used] to create the overall structure also represents the thousands of people who helped bring the Nissan Juke into reality".

Unlike the cardboard Lexus IS, which was unveiled last month, also in the UK, the origami Juke isn't drivable and doesn't have a functional interior, as its underlying structure is also paper-based.


The unveiling of the origami Juke coincides with World Origami Days, which is celebrated between October 24 and November 11 every year.

In September, Nissan confirmed that it will build a second-generation of the Juke at its factory in Sunderland, UK. The current car is also made in Oppama, Japan.