The Ford Kuga range may be broadened with the introduction of a performance ST model and a high-luxury Vignale variant.
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Roelant de Waard, vice-president, sales and marketing at Ford of Europe, was asked by AutoExpress if the company had any plans to expand its ST and Vignale offerings with Kuga-based models. Although de Waard didn't give direct answers, he hinted that both were possibilities.

Regarding a Kuga ST, he told the British publication: "Some [other manufacturers] are experimenting with [performance SUVs]. All I can say is that we have a successful range of sport versions of our SUVs already in the US."

It should be noted that, at present, Ford's North American arm doesn't offer an ST version of its Escape, Edge or Explorer SUVs.

Rather, it sells a trim Sport for the Edge and Explorer, which incorporates the most powerful engine on offer, a few styling tweaks and sport-tuned suspension.

Above: Ford Mondeo Vignale.

De Waard was a little more forthcoming regarding the a possible Kuga Vignale, noting that the sub-brand is "an answer to sectors where we have very high take rates of Titanium and Titanium X" and that, at present, in Europe the 70 percent of Kuga sales are of top-line models.

Vignale is a sub-brand that Ford of Europe is in the process of establishing, which sits above and beyond the top-shelf Titanium trim line.

Each Vignale model features glitzier styling that's heavy on chrome and brushed metal accents, while on the inside there's quilted leather and other high class finishings. Two models have been confirmed for the Vignale treatment thus far, the Mondeo and S-Max people mover.

Ford Australia has yet to announce any plans to introduce the high-end Vignale line down under.