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When the Koreans invaded the car market, their enthusiasm was welcome, but attention to quality and safety was decades behind the European and Japanese manufacturers. Now its time for the Chinese invasion.

Brilliance BS6

Although still under negotiation for an Australian launch, Chinese cars have made their way to Europe, the most competitive car market there is. Fortunately for us, the Europeans are putting the Chinese cars through their paces.

The Brilliance BS6 has dived head first into the European market, and it has drowned. Germany’s crash testing authority, known as ADAC, recently put the Brilliance BS6 under the hammer for crash testing, the results? Horrifying:

A few European car dealerships have already scrapped the Brilliance BS6 based on the crash results, we only hope the rest follow!

With the Indian built Mahindra Pikup selling in Australia already, we expect Chinese are only a few years away. History has a tendency to repeat it self, and we believe that Chinese cars will follow the same path as Korean cars (and Japanese cars), initially viewed as unsafe and unreliable, they will eventually either overtake or be on par with their European rivals.