A turbocharged Subaru BRZ has been a dream car for enthusiasts for several years already, and the Japanese brand has finally shown off such a variant at the 2015 New York auto show.
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The problem? It's the Subaru BRZ Performance Concept, a show car that seemingly has very little chance of becoming a production reality in the near future. Perhaps in the next-generation BRZ...


The concept is powered by a high-output, race-bred turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder boxer engine which is currently being used in the brand's BRZ GT300 race car, which competes in the Super GT series in Japan. Its outputs are estimated at 225kW and 450Nm.

It is understood the engine is undergoing durability testing as part of the racing series, so a potential production version could eventuate. However, that will likely take a while, so the the current BRZ's normally-aspirated 2.0-litre 'boxer' with 147kW/205Nm is set to continue unchanged until further notice.


On top the engine change, the BRZ is said to be "a showcase for the engineering prowess and tuning capability of STI", with "chassis, body and air intake/exhaust systems" from the performance sub-brand.

The chassis changes include adjustments to the car's suspension and additional body stiffening, while the body changes include an aggressive front bumper with integrated LEDs, and a huge carbonfibre rear wing.


The interior sees some changes, too, with a new high-tech steering wheel with integrated shift indicator light and ignition button, as well as new red trim highlights, bucket seats, and a Race Widget telemetry system.

Subaru of America corporate communications manager Michael McHale spoke on behalf of the president of STI, Yoshio Hirakawa, who seemed close to confirming that a higher-powered BRZ would become a reality at some point in the future.


"The BRZ has a very tight, compact engine bay - so how much can we do [under the bonnet] that doesn't affect balance, that doesn't affect feel? This is Mr Hirakawa's challenge in life," McHale said.

"He hears that some people would like more power, but you know, if we listened to everyone in the world we go bankrupt in 10 minutes.


"We have to balance all of that," McHale said.

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