Lexus is celebrating its first of-road win with the luxury LX 570 securing the manufacturer its ever first off-road race win at the 41st annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, held in Ensenada, Mexico.
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Driven by Joe Bacal and navigator Paul Williamsen the JTGrey team took class honors in the Stock Full class with the newly built LX 570.

The four-wheel drive had been completed just days before the race and was tested briefly in the United States, before being shipped to Mexico for the race.

The grueling Baja 500 covered over 800 kilometers of competitive driving, traversing mountains and dry lake beds, and testing both man and machine.

Assisted by first-time navigator Williamsen, Baja 500 rookie Bacal drove all 16 hours of the race without leaving the vehicle, with only brief stops for fuel and nourishment along the way - taking the lead shortly after the eight hour mark.


In all, 195 of the 267 entries finished the 500 mile event.

"The LX 570 was bulletproof and we went the entire distance without a tyre change," said driver Joe Bacal said.

Bacal and the JTGrey team will be taking their Lexus LX 570 to the Reno 1000 mile race in the American Best of the Desert series on August 19-23.

Source: Lexus