German tuning company Brabus took the wraps off its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Business Lounge at the 2014 Moscow motor show.
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While Brabus is best known for turning the performance knob to 11 on various Mercedes-Benz models, the Business Lounge is very much focused on comfort, practicality and interconnectivity.

That said, the Brabus-modified Sprinter does feature 18-inch alloy wheels, side steps, wheel arch extensions, an aggressive front bumper treatment with LED driving lights, and twin exhaust pipes at the rear.

Brabus Business Lounge - passenger cabin

It's on the inside, however, where Brabus has expended most of its effort. In the main cabin there are two rows of business class-style seats trimmed in leather facing off against each other. Each of these four seats can be electrically reclined, and features three memory settings, heating, cooling, massaging, adjustable lumbar support, and a small monochrome touchscreen (below) to control it all.

All up, the Business Lounge can seat up to eight people: four in the business-class seats, two more in more regular seating near the rear barn doors, and two in the sealed off driver's cabin.

Brabus Business Lounge - seat controller

With its tall roof and high grade wooden floors, Brabus claims that even the tallest of passengers can get up and walk around when the van is stationary.

Conveniences include a refrigerator, coffee maker, power-retractable tables, eight USB 3.0 ports, three 220-volt power outlets and six dimmable reading lights. 2700 colour LEDs have been integrated into the ceiling headliner and these can be configured to play one of 12 animations, including starry night, fluffy white clouds moving across a blue sky, fireworks or something psychedelic.

Brabus Business Lounge - entertainment screen

A 42-inch high definition TV is built into the bulkhead that divides the driver's cabin from main passenger area. For the two passengers facing rearwards there's a 10-inch display (above) built into the console between those two seats.

The on-board media centre features hard-drive storage, a wireless keyboard and mouse at every seat, a Blu-ray player, PlayStation 4 game console, digital TV tuner and an Apple TV streamer. There's also a surround sound system with a 1200-watt amp, which might even make some business presentations seem interesting. Passengers' devices can be hooked up to the car's 4G LTE internet connection via the built-in Wi-Fi network.

The Business Lounge is not the first time Brabus has dabbled in vans, with the iBusiness 3D predating the Business Lounge by three years.

We're waiting to hear back from Brabus as to how much the Business Lounge will set buyers back, but each van is built to order.