Volvo V40 kills off S40 and V50

The recent arrival of the all-new Volvo V40 hatch has meant sudden death to the struggling S40 and V50 models.
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Volvo wound up production of both the S40 and V50 in May 2012 in preparation the V40 landing on showroom floors.

While the introduction of the V40’s rapidly expanding model range effectively rendered the S40 and V50 models obsolete in the current Volvo line-up, the V60 sportwagon is here to stay.

Volvo unveiled two additional V40 model variants at this week’s Paris Motor Show: the V40 Cross Country and the V40 R-Design.

The new V40 Cross Country rides 40mm higher than the standard V40, while the V40 R-Design is a more powerful and dynamically enhanced version.

There’s a high-performance V40 in the pipeline, too, that will sit above the R-Design model. Volvo Australia will introduce the Polestar version as soon as possible. The additional performance will be via software downloads only, but the timing is still unknown.

The expanded Volvo V40 range also spells the end to on-going speculation of an XC40 model by ruling out such a vehicle in the wake of high-riding V40 Cross Country.

Volvo’s technical director on V40, Sven Gunnar Johansson and and V40 project manager, Sanna Johnsson told CarAdvice that they expect lifecycle of V40 will be at least seven years including a major midlife update.