The New Volvo S60

This is the current 2007 model Volvo S60, yes its not very pretty. However Volvo has been on a crusade to change their image, and along with comes some serious redesigning in the last few years.
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With the brand new Volvo C30 on the way, the new generation of Volvos can please even Volvo's biggest critics. So this is the new Volvo S60, thanks mainly to Volvo's design chief Steve Mattin who developed the XC60 concept.

Volvo S60

The new S60 is aimed at making the German car companies think twice about dismissing Volvo.

For those who are aware, Ford, Volvo's parent company has been losing billions of dollars a year in the states and as a result, it has been slowly cutting back on research and funds to its subsidiary companies such as Volvo.

Volvo S60

So due to the money shortage, Ford decided to halt production of the S60 for 6 months, however now that things have settled down a tad, Volvo expects to have the new S60 in showrooms come 2009/2010

Volvo is aiming for 600,000 cars sold per year in 2010, up from the 450,000 mark set in 2006.