V-12 Cadillac Engine Built in Australia

We can start this post with a plea to GM to make this car in righ-hand drive and bring it to Australia. We wouldn't care if it was riding on 1960s suspension, with an interior better suited to an early model Hyundai Excel because from the outside, it hits all the right spots. This is a concept car from 2003, one which this new luxury Cadillac will be based on. Even better though, the engine.. is Australian!
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Yes, the design is American, yes its a Cadillac and yes we like it. General Motors’ vice chairman Bob Lutz gave some indications that this car will be the basis for an all-new ultra-luxury vehicle for the Cadillac brand. Aimed to take on the Mercedes S class and BMW's 7 series, Mr Lutz said that the car will be powered, and I quote, "with more than eight cylinders”.

Reports today suggest that, the "more than eight cylinder" engine is going to be a V12 flagship engine. The best thing about this whole car is GM's trust in its Australian operations, ladies and gentlemen GM is building this V12, in Australia!

V-12 Cadillac Engine Built in Australia

The idea is to join two Holden Commodore engines (3.6L, V6 engines) on a single crank to form a monster 7.2L V12 engine that will put out roughly 600hp with torque up around 540lb-ft.

A V12 engine being built by Holden? We'd like to see that! There are currently no other details from either GM America or GM Holden. I though wonder though if Holden will plan to use that V12 in a HSV Senator or something else? Can you imagine an Aussie built V12 super car?