Top Gear Segment Idea Winner

About a month ago we asked you to come up with an idea for a Top Gear Australia segment. With the show already under way and the second season confirmed, ideas came in hard and fast.
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It's our pleasure to announces that the winner of our Top Gear Australia segment is Nicholas with the following idea:

The Backpacker Challenge

Each presenter is landed in Cairns with a small budget, let’s say $2000 each. You’ve gotta buy the best bang for your buck as to what you think a backpacker needs for their travels. The eventual aim is that presenter and car have to make it down the coast to Brisbane in one piece after completing a number of challenges.Namely: The hitchhiker help out - pick up a specially positioned fellow backpacker with their awkward load of luggage (some for the surf, others might have bikes etc).The 2 minute break-in challenge - backpackers carry their life around in their cars, how easy is it for a would-be thief to get in there.The all-terrain challenge - how well do your backpack mobiles stand up to a rough gravel shortcut? These vehicles are taken across country for the most direct route between towns.Home away from home - with just your trusty sleeping bag, how many hours of comfortably sleep can each presenter get before having to get out of their car?Once in Brisbane count points for breakdowns, fuel economy and how much you could re-sell the car for on the secondhand market.

Nicholas wil recieve a Top Gear shirt and bag curtoesy of SBS and Top Gear Austraila.