Honda Civic Type-R mule spy photos

It seems Honda may be taking a step back to its roots and creating a proper hot-hatch. These photos of what we suspect is a Honda Civic Type-R mule were taken close to Honda's technical center near the Nurburgring race track in Germany today.
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Given the current Civic has nothing to hide, this Type-R mule hasn't bothered to cover up the basics. We can see a big rear wing which is kind of hard to miss. Nonetheless, there are no big exhaust pipes which would've really given it away. Nor are there any signs of a deeper front spoiler.

If this really is a Type-R mule, we anticipate the production version will come with a deep front spoiler, a new rear bumper with diffuser, wider and bigger wheels and sportier seats. As for the powerplant, it's merely speculation at the moment but being a Honda it will likely be a naturally-aspirated high-revving engine capable of around 165-170kW of power.

Hopefully it will not be assisted by an electric motor and batteries (as is the case with the CR-Z) and we will once again see a Honda Civic Type-R that is a real thrill to drive.