Top Gear Australia episode two preview

With the premiere episode just around the corner, Top Gear Australia has revealed all the juicy details surrounding its second episode to CarAdvice.
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In this episode, the team are poised to settle the great Aussie muscle car grudge match - Holden versus Ford.

Charlie and Steve have taken the HSV Clubsport and FPV F6 to Wakefield Park in NSW for a final performance showdown between the brutes.

Top Gear Australia episode two preview

Then the trio have also managed to shutdown the largest open pit gold mine in the country - the Kalgoorlie Super Pit, where they will test their ute of choice in a race against the Stig.

After nearly being eaten alive by sharks in the first episode, Warren Brown is faced with yet another 'deadly' challenge - to convert a Smart car into a hearse for under $200.

The token supercar for the week will be one of only two right-hand drive Ford GT's in Australia with Charlie Cox behind the wheel.

Steve Bisley of Mad Max and Water Rats fame will attempt to outpace Vince Colosimo as the star in a reasonably priced car.

Episode two of Top Gear Australia airs Monday October 6th on SBS.

Images: BBC Worldwide