Peugeot: New Cars 2012

It looks like all the action for the French carmaker Peugeot will take place in the second half of 2012 with three new model launches in the 4008, 408 and 208, along with a facelift for the 3008, being the star attractions.
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3008 (UPDATE)

Vehicle type: Small car. Timing: March

The current 3008-model range has undergone a refresh with new and improved levels of standard equipment. Peugeot say the new 3008 will offer exceptional value for money and will go on sale by March.


Vehicle type: Compact SUV. Timing: May

This is Peugeot’s second entry to the highly competitive Compact SUV market, following the 4007 that was essentially a restyled Mitsubishi Outlander. The 4008 is based on the Mitsubishi ASX that uses the same platform as the Outlander. It will be an important addition to Peugeot’s line up given the high volume of sales that this automotive segment currently enjoys. Peugeot Australia is predicting sales of around 1000 units in it’s first year of launch. The 4008 will be on sale in Australia by June 2012 and available in both 4x2 and 4x4 variants. Initially, the vehicle will be sold as a petrol variant only with the option of a CVT automatic transmission. The 4008 will be produced in Japan as part of the PSA Group’s joint venture with Mitsubishi.


Vehicle type: Small passenger. Timing: August

The 408 will provide the Peugeot brand with a ‘3 box’ variant to the existing 308 range, and is joint venture with the China based Dongfeng Motor Group, which launched the car to the Chinese market in 2011. Most like available in just one trim level, with a 1.6L turbo petrol engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the 408 will provide incremental sales to retail and fleet buyers looking for a conventional sedan body.


Vehicle type: City car. Timing: September

A critically important car for Peugeot, the 208 will launch in September in Australia I two body styles (3-door & 5-door) and three engines. Optional automatic transmission will be available and there will be a choice of three trim levels. Entry pricing is expected to be competitive in the segment. The 208 will continue to be built in France.

Hybrid 4 Technology

Vehicle type: Various. Timing: TBC

Final decision on Hybrid 4 technology will be made in early 2012. This technology is available as the 3008 Hybrid and RXH 508 Hybrid Wagon and Peugeot Australia believe they would be welcome additions to the Australian model line up. Peugeot is currently considering importing a few examples for market research.

Concept cars

Peugeot will show several new concepts at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which will probably include their 309 Concept, but information on specifics is not available at this time.