Audi is creeping up on Mercedes-Benz and is likely to overtake the German brand to become the world's second-largest luxury vehicle manufacturer, behind BMW, by the end of the year.
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This will be the first time Audi has ever overtaken Mercedes-Benz in terms of yearly sales, if it does indeed make the pass by the end of 2011. With Audi currently ahead 1,193,110 sales to 1,136,525, it's certainly looking that way.

Mercedes-Benz has enjoyed its best first 11 months in history, with sales up by seven per cent, however Audi has seen even stronger increases, up 18 per cent year-to-date.

Out in the lead of premium brands sits BMW, a company that has made 1,252,205 sales for this year, and is pitched to break its sales record of 1,276,793 (set in 2007) by the end of the year.

BMW Group sales, which include subsidiary brands MINI and Rollys-Royce, have totalled 1,510,862 sales so far this year. The group looking to surpass its record sales target of 1.6 million, a goal the company sees as "well within reach".

Understandably, Mercedes-Benz is not happy with Audi taking over second spot, even though the Daimler-owned company is seeing substantial increases in its sales. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche has expressed that its goal is to be number one in profitability and overall sales in the premium segment.