Usually when we bring you spy photos, they are the result of our stealthy photographers’ keen eyes and quick reflexes, but these shots of the new 2012 Honda CR-V came about in rather unusual circumstances.


A blogger from snapped a few images of the new compact SUV after he was involved in a rather heavy collision with a camouflaged test mule in Los Angeles.

The crash totalled the man’s Toyota Highlander and did considerable damage to the driver’s side of the new CR-V, which was fortunately fitted with operational airbags to protect the driver.

The police report was suspiciously light on details of the car, referring to it only as a ‘Honda 4DR BLK’. The vehicle was from Ohio, the head office of Amercian Honda Motor Co. in the US.

The images reveal a body shape consistent with the official Honda CR-V Concept photograph we brought you earlier this week, suggesting the vehicle in that image could be close to the production design.

The CR-V Concept reveals a new design language from Honda, with an aggressive headlight and grille layout, a taller rear and bolder taillights.

The overall styling promises to be more athletic, with sharper, sweeping character lines on the lower panels.

The new 2012 Honda CR-V will go on sale in the US towards the end of this year, with Europe, Australia and other markets expected to take delivery early in 2012.