British automotive firm Briggs Automotive Company has released details about its all-new car and confirmed production for sale in the UK market. Called the Briggs Automotive Company Mono, or BAC Mono, the car is pitched straight up against the Ariel Atom sports car.
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The car features a 2.3-litre Cosworth four-cylidner engine offering 210kW of power at 7700rpm and 280Nm of torque. Like the Ariel Atom, the Mono doesn't require much power to boast truly savage acceleration figures. BAC says the Mono will be capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds - faster than almost all current exotic supercars.

BAC says the car's shell is made almost entirely of carbon fibre which surrounds an FIA-approved steel safety cell construction. This set-up gives the car its extremely lightweight nature, tipping the scales at just 540kg. Being so light also helps the car achieve a top speed of 272km/h, with some thanks to an F3-spec six-speed sequential gearbox.

Not only is the Mono lightweight, it's also seriously focused when it comes to tackling the track. It features fully adjustable SACHS Racing pushrod suspension, AP Racing 295mm disc brakes, and, unlike the Ariel Atom, features an aerodynamic body shell.

BAC has announced it will be building around 50 examples this year - 10 of which have already been sold - and around 100 to 200 every year after. At the moment the car is only on sale in the UK, but company ???Director Neill Briggs, said in a recent Autocar report,

"Export is on our radar. We’re working on selling to overseas markets, hopefully towards the end of 2012."

Briggs said one of the obstacles the Mono faced for overseas export was various emissions standards required for different markets. New emissions gear will need to be engineered for the car before it is sold elsewhere.

Prices start at £66,625 ($107,640) plus on road taxes.