Bugatti Veyron Drive

After one full day behind the wheel of the world’s fastest production car, we are still at a loss for words – there is nothing that can be said that synonymises the experience.
Bugatti Veyron
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Introducing a boot full of throttle sends your mind into a static haze. It’s hard to remember the time frame between nailing it and backing off. The torque is so extreme that the Hard Disk driven video camera stopped momentarily while the Veyron pumped out its full complement of horsepower.

Although the 7-speed DSG gearbox can amazingly cope with the immense power, the gearshifts are entirely seamless and absurdly quick. There is simply no way to describe how ferociously fast this car is. Out of all the cars we have collectively driven (and there are quite a few), we all agree the Veyron is disturbingly fast – to the point where it becomes scary.

Bugatti Veyron