Skoda Volkswagen Mule Spy Photos

It's not often you spot a car that is just bizarre, but here is one. It's what we like to call a Skodawagen Golavia. It has the body of a Skoda Octavia and the front of a new Volkswagen Golf but runs on the new MQB platform.
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The real question is why? Was this a late night dare by a Skoda and Volkswagen engineer or is there method behind this madness. Spotted testing in Sweden, the Golavia is perhaps further testing the group's new MQB platform (or IS3-MQB-A as the sticker says).

From the pictures we can see that the rear fenders are wider than a standard Octavia.

Some suggest that it may even be an Audi mule, as the company has started using Volkswagen bodies to test its cars. Little else is known but we suspect more information will surface soon.

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