BMW has released a new video onto its YouTube channel outlining some of the processes and drills of the BMW security vehicle driver's training program. The test site is based on one of the world's biggest military airports that was around during the Cold War, in East Germany.
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The video runs through various testing drills, such as the Fake Accident, Road Block, Convoi Attack and the Road Explosion. BMW offers special training for high security vehicle drivers, and suggests different tactics for overcoming some of the common scenarios.

The high-security vehicle market is quite a big one, even our federal government uses five heavily amoured BMW X5s for commuting the Australian Federal Police and VIPs. The market is so big, BMW has a separate security vehicle manufacturing plant that was specifically built in Mexico in 1995 to feed the demands of the security vehicle market.

Take a look at the video below for some of the training procedures, it's very interesting.
Caution: Some BMWs were harmed during the making of this footage.