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The world premiere of the Nissan Resonance concept in Detroit has given us an early look at how the next-generation Nissan Murano crossover may appear when it launches in 2014.

Possessing a futuristic design and a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, the Resonance gives an insight into the Japanese car maker’s plans for the third-generation of its flagship Nissan Murano urban SUV.

Nissan product strategy and planning general manager Francois Bancon admitted not everyone would be a fan of the Resonance concept’s dramatic styling, but insisted the company was more concerned with pushing boundaries than alienating conservative customers.

“Resonance is meant to be provocative, energetic and engaging – even polarising,” Bancon said.

“This design is not meant to appeal to traditional two-box SUV shoppers, but rather to those whose fashion and design choices make a statement. For Nissan, this concept makes our statement about the future of this segment.

“Its edgy yet sophisticated design, combined with an environmentally sensitive powertrain and intelligent utility, provides a clear, exciting view into the future of crossover innovation.”

At 4841mm long, 1999mm wide, 1730mm tall and riding on a 2875mm wheelbase, the Resonance concept is 50mm longer and 114mm wider than the current second-generation Nissan Murano crossover. The concept also scores whopping 22-inch five-spoke alloy wheels.

The Resonance is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor, with drive transferred to all four wheels via the brand’s next-generation Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT). Without giving performance figures, Nissan describes the powertrain as “respectful of the environment without sacrificing driving pleasures”.

The edgy exterior is matched on the inside by a sophisticated combination of premium leather upholstery, natural wood trim, brushed metal and ‘holographic’ displays, which use graphic layers to add visual depth and separate information in order of importance.

The Nissan Resonance concept was created by Nissan Design America in San Diego, California under the watchful eye of the company’s chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura.

Earlier this week, Nissan confirmed it will build the third-generation Murano at its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi from 2014. The Murano is currently manufactured in Japan, Russia and Iran.

  • Dave W

    That’s one slick SUV. Dare I say it looks even better than the Evoque. The question is, how close would the final production model get to this concept?

  • Yash

    Will never make it to production. Just look at the different models NIssan has now! Ridiculous, boxy and boring cars and SUV. Yes they are practical like the X-trail but very far from “provocative, energetic and engaging”!

    • F1orce

      The Murano being the exception.

    • Eric

      Are you familiar with the Nissan range? I would hardly call the Murano, Dualis, Juke and upcoming new Pathfinder, boxy. Nissan’s seems to be pushing the envelope with its SUVs – I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for something resembling this to go into production.

  • $29896495

    Thank God it’s just a show car. 

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, much to over designed

  • Harley

    Looks very good. Hopefully it will translate well into production.

  • Henrykim108

    Cant wait , will get one when it come out… 

  • Kencoo51

    Fantastic looking SUV. The only problem i see is the front grill looks to cluttered. Hopefully the production model will be sleeker like the Ellure

  • Roger D

    A design statement. The real world SUV will need to be utilitarian and practical. Its not a sports car after all. I’ll be replacing my current Murano next year and I’ll go elsewhere if the new model doesn’t work for me. Leave the styling exercises for the sports models.

  • Wendy Lopez

    Lo espero !