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2017 Suzuki Ignis long-term review, report six: farewell

After six months in the CarAdvice garage, it's time to say goodbye to the Suzuki Ignis – a micro car we've come to love and appreciate for its value, flexibility and funky design.

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto long-term review, report five: engine, gearbox and efficiency

Five months with a car in your personal garage pretty much tells you everything you need to know about its foibles and individual characteristics. That’s even more the case when the vehicle in question encourages you to drive it as often as we drove the 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX – as I’ve written in previous updates, my partner and I tend to favour the Ignis above just about every other test vehicle...

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto long-term review, report four: around-town practicality

Those of you wondering whether I like micro cars should probably know that I own a late first-gen Smart Fortwo – yes, I’m a little partial to the idea of a useful city car. That could be part of the reason I ended up as custodian of the 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX… We’ve had the Smart for nearly three years now, and on a weekend, it almost always gets used more than any big dollar press car...

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto review: Long-term report three – country driving

I’ve warmed like a late Spring afternoon to the 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX, our long-termer tester that seems to have spent most of CarAdvice’s custodianship in co-conspirator Trent Nikolic’s pocket – perhaps literally – outside of the rare opportunity to occasionally “take her around the block”. Brief impressions, then, but good ones...

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2017 Suzuki Ignis review

Read the full article here. The Suzuki Ignis is back from the dead after a decade-long absence, the latest in the brand’s growing line of reborn '90s nameplates including the Vitara and Baleno. Moreover, it's affixed to one of the most intrinsically likeable cars you can buy...

2017 Suzuki Ignis - 2016 Paris Motor Show

MORE: 2016 Suzuki Ignis revealed MORE: Suzuki Ignis news MORE: Suzuki news, reviews, video and pricing...

Suzuki Ignis Comparisons

2017 Holden Spark LT v Suzuki Ignis GLX comparison

The market’s smallest vehicles aren’t selling quite as well as they used to, but you can’t attribute this decline to any lack of quality on the part of car makers. Two of the best, and newest, entrants are compared here: the Australian-tuned Holden Spark from Korea, and the just-launched Suzuki Ignis from Japan...

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The Shortlist: Up to $20,000, sporty, room for a surfboard and P-plate friendly

Doing what we do, CarAdvice writers are often asked by friends and family, and through our contact page: Which car is best for me? Most buyers can identify the top three non-negotiable factors that will guide their purchase decision. But… where to from there? In this series, we look at these cases and single out three cars that fit the brief...

Old nameplates returning to form

There are many market trends in action this year, but one of the more novel is the resurgence - or re-emergence - of old nameplates. Running through some cars experiencing good growth is a bit like looking at a new car guide from early 2000s. In the light car segment there's the relaunched Suzuki Baleno, with 1043 incremental sales - enough for a respectable 4...

Aqua is back, baby!

You guys, have you noticed? Aqua is back. No, I’m not talking about the shit band from the 2000s that had the hit about Barbie. I’m talking about the colour. On cars, specifically. In even more specific terms, car brands are seemingly embracing the idea that not all cars have to be black, white, grey or silver, though the targeting is very much where you’d expect it – at the younger buyer group, the ones who aren't going to be spending more than about $40,000 on a car...

Suzuki Ignis proving that 'weird' can sell

Everyone like a left-field success story, and on first impression the new Suzuki Ignis fits the bill. Launched in the middle of January this year, the retro-cool Suzuki city car attracted signifiant attention for its unusual design and crossover ground clearance. But the real question was whether anyone would actually buy something resembling a Pokémon on wheels...

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Suzuki Ignis Owner Reviews

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX review

Having been in the market for a car that is as minimal fuss as possible after having been a long-suffering VW owner, my demands were pretty simple – I was looking for the ultimate urban daily – simple to service, easy to park, fun to drive and with as many mod-cons as my budget could stretch to. The Ignis stood out as quite the Jack-of-all-trades...

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