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2014 Ford Focus TREND Review

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Performance is very poor for 125kw engine. The power isn't available until very high in the rev range and the torque underwhelming. When combined with the normal hesitation of a dual clutch it makes for painful city driving. It desperately needs a supercharger to get this power happening at low revs.

The cabin is too small (I was unfortunate enough to rent a Kia Cerato recently and even it has a much bigger cabin!). The cabin is also full of cheap plastic surfaces with storage spaces that are too shallow to be useful.

Only the driver's electric window has auto up and down function. This really should be standard for all electric windows by now.

The climate control (standard for July 14 builds onwards) is useless - it always starts off by blowing (and whistling) air a full power regardless of temperature differential. I am yet to experience a scenario when it has got the temperature right and the fan noise level acceptable - I'm at the point now where I just override it so it might as well not be auto. By comparison, my euro suv is set to 22deg auto and I never have to adjust it as it quietly goes about its intended function.

The small blue lcd screens provided for the infotainment system and driver display are of limited utility.

When going over bumps the front suspension makes sounds like the ball joints are loose.

The turning circle is comparable to a ship. My suv out turns it by a long way.

The dual clutch gearbox exhibited shuddering on takeoff from about 600km odo. It now occurs consistently when it is warm (after about 30min of driving). The Ford team have told me that I need to understand that it is not a typical automatic - I have been driving dual clutch vehicles constantly since 2007 and I know that shuddering is a defect (just ask any owner of a VW with a 7speed dry clutch gearbox exhibiting delaminated clutch plates).

The car has done 2,000km and I will be getting rid of it before it is 12mths old.

Now for some pros, it is more reasonably prices nowadays at $22K. I couldn't imagine paying $28k (RRP) for one.

It can corner while maintaining level and control thanks to solid suspension (although a Golf will out corner a focus any day).

The real world fuel is comparable to stated figures.

Overall it is not an enjoyable car to own. They designers have made too many compromises.

If you are considering this car, I'd strongly suggest taking it for a long test drive then comparing it to a Mazda 3 of VW Golf on the same day.