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  • Class leading chassis and eager to rev engine., quiet cabin, the funkiest steering wheel since the peugeot 205 GTi., Excellent sound system., Practical and easy to use folding seats.
  • Some interior plastics feel cheap but not all., Suspension can be crashy on harsh roads. , Uses more fuel than the Corolla. (but way more fun to drive) , Sync voice recognition can sometimes get names muddled up.

by Alex Howroyd

Having owned the ford focus for 8 months now i have grown to love this compact car. The 2l engine whilst isn’t turbocharged loves to rev and performs very strongly and returns an average of 7.3l per 100kms. it is very quiet on the road and the chassis is great if you like to go a little to fast around some twisty corners. the plastics on the doors are cheap but the dash has a “golf” soft touch feel, Not to mention that the steering wheel looks awesome! I have owned a lot of European cars (BMW 528, Saab 9-3, Lexus is300) and the Focus is right up there in dynamics and practicality. also great value!

As it is still relatively new I have had no issues with it at all. One of the reasons I chose the Focus out of a huge variety of small cars available on the market was their reputation for being a great drivers car whilst offering bulletproofed mechanics. I had heard that the duel clutch auto had some issues so I chose the manual as they are a very sturdy gearbox. I have friends that have up to 200,000kms on their earlier Focuses and not lifted the bonnet unless it was for a service or general maintenance. Mechanics i have spoken to have also raved about their reliability.

i would recommend this car to anyone. whilst it isn’t perfect it solid and cheap to run. It is great fun to drive and they are comfortable and quiet on the road. also a great alternative to the golf and in my opinion a better car to own in the long run as it will be cheaper to maintain.

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2014 Ford Focus TREND Review Review
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