Owner Review

2013 Ford Focus ST

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I've owned my Ford Focus ST for 12 months now and I still love it!

It's the best bang for buck car out there on the market. I looked at all the competitors and non could match it.

Some of the features I love are the sat-nav, xenon head lights, Recaro seats, red ambient lighting and the space with the seats down will swallow more than you need – I've fitted more into it then my old Falcon!

A well packaged car, I don't even mind the stereo button layout now that I'm a bit more used to it. It doesn't have a touchscreen though.

The engine is a fire cracker mated to a slick gearbox and all attached to a great chassis makes it one hell of a car to drive. It's a real Jekyll and Hyde-type of a car as it can be very sedate when you want it to be then all out crazy in a split second, which makes for a fun drive.

I think the future model should be louder, though, and more visually distinctive from its run of the mill Focus stable mates.

The servicing is average with the capped price servicing costing around the $334 mark. I've covered 30,000km in the year I've had with mine and now need new front brake pads and tyres. I'm not surprised by the pads needing to be replaced as it's a European car fitted with softer pads but the tyres are more disappointing, as it could have been avoided if the dealer had rotated them as per the owners manual states at the 15,000km service.

Like I said, it's a great, fun and practical car to drive and look forward to many years of hassle free driving.