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2019 Mazda CX-8 Asaki review

Mazda has lightly updated its impressive CX-8 Asaki flagship seven-seater for 2019. But is it worth the extra coin?

2018 Mazda CX-8 Sport FWD review

Mazda’s bet-hedging large-SUV policy sees it park two distinct family truckers alongside each other in showrooms, with the CX-8 appealing to diesel fans for whom the petrol CX-9 just won’t do.

2018 Mazda CX-8 review

Need a big Mazda SUV, but don't want petrol? The brand now has the answer - it's called the CX-8. Paul Maric checks it out.

Mazda CX-8 Videos

2018 7-Seat SUV Mega Test

Family haulers face off! Hyundai Santa Fe v Kia Sorento v Mazda CX-8 v Peugeot 5008 v Skoda Kodiaq v Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. There is now no shortage of respectable 7-seat SUVs on the market for the driver who needs to haul a big family, or the kids and their friends. We've selected a handful of major contenders to see which is worth you spend...

2018 Mazda CX-8 review: First look at equipment and comfort

Paul Maric takes a first look at what the new diesel-powered Mazda CX-8 has to offer in equipment and interior comfort.

Mazda CX-8 Comparisons

2019 Ford Endura v Mazda CX-8 comparison

Ford Australia has had a hole in its product line-up since October 2016. A 4.89-metre hole to be exact, and it went by the name of Territory. There’s been the Everest, of course, but ute-based SUVs still don’t drive like a car-based SUV, and the Ranger-derived Everest is notably more expensive than the Territory was. A solution, however, has arrived from the US...

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace v Mazda CX-8 comparison

Mazda Australia clearly believes there’s big business in catering for large families. Having successfully lobbied in 2007 to grab a right-hand-drive version of the US-focused CX-9 seven-seater SUV, the company has now diverted the new CX-8 seven-seater from the Japanese brand’s domestic market...

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe v Kia Sorento v Mazda CX-8 v Peugeot 5008 v Skoda Kodiaq v Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

People-movers are pretty passé, which explains the continual success of seven-seat crossover SUVs like the group tested here. We’ve assembled what we consider to be six of the best, with the added bonus that all are either new models or at least recently upgraded...

Mazda CX-8 News

2020 Mazda CX-8 pricing and specs

Mazda has performed a minor about-face, adding two versions of its CX-8 seven-seat SUV powered by a petrol engine option - for the first time since the nameplate arrived in June 2018. The company has also greatly expanded the range from three specification variants, to eight...

CarAdvice podcast 145: Discussing the 2019 BMW X7

This week you are joined by Mandy Turner, Kez Casey, and Scott Collie. In car news, the 2019 Mazda CX-8 is getting Apple CarPlay and a price increase, Toyota Australia has announced a hydrogen filling station in Victoria, and the 2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 has been unveiled. Plus, Ford has confirmed 5000 European job losses, and Volvo will be installing technology to control drunk drivers...

2019 Mazda CX-8 gets Apple CarPlay, price hike

Mazda has announced a number of small revisions for its CX-8, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, accompanied by a small price rise across the range. The 2019 version of the CX-8, which slots between the CX-5 and petrol-only CX-9, now gets the G-Vectoring Control (GVC Plus) system as standard, along with tyre-pressure monitoring and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto...

CarAdvice podcast 127: 2019 Chevrolet Camaro review!

Mandy Turner, Mike Costello, and James Wong join you this week. In car news, the Mazda CX-8 is getting a turbo petrol engine in Japan, Ford has announced it's skipping the Geneva motor show, the Porsche 911 Project Gold has sold for $4m, and Toyota's all-new Supra has been confirmed for the Detroit motor show...

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2020 Mazda CX-8 pricing and specs

2019 Mazda CX-8 Asaki review

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