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2018 Land Rover Defender V8 Works quick drive review

A limited run of modernised, V8-powered Defenders? How on Earth could I say no to that...

2016 Land Rover Defender 90 Review

The end of an era: the Land Rover Defender 90 is all-but sold out, and while there are tears being shed by loyalists, pragmatists can rest assured there are other options out there.

2015 Land Rover Defender 110 Review

“Lovely Defender”, said a small voice from somewhere behind the tailgate-mounted spare wheel, later revealed as belonging to an admiring Septuagenarian. “My husband had one years ago, though I had to sell it when he died.” Such is the vintage of the Land Rover Defender, essentially unchanged in design for decades, just like its raison d’etre...

Land Rover Defender Electric Review

Not just a novel idea; Land Rover's electric Defender is a surprisingly capable off-roader that's easier to manage than the regular version.

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Land Rover Defender Videos

Land Rover Defender Old v New: Seven decades of Land Rover

Read the article here. Once upon a time when someone said Land Rover, a hardcore, open-topped Jeep lookalike was what came to mind. We've brought together the first example ever registered in New South Wales - and the 138th vehicle built by the iconic British brand - with a couple of newer Land Rovers, including what could be one of the first ever Defender models, and one of the last Defenders, the Heritage Edition...

2015 Land Rover Defender 110 Review : Off-road Icon - Read the article here. The Land Rover Defender is an off-road icon, but it's also an endangered species. The end is near for one of the best off-road vehicles ever built. If you can conjure up an iconic overland journey, the Defender has tackled it...

Land Rover Defender Comparisons

Land Rover Defender Old v New Comparison: 1983 110 County v 2016 110 Adventure

The Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure represents the end of a legendary line. For fans of the model, it's the end of a significant off-road era. Here, we take a look back with the first coil sprung Defender, the 1983 County.

Land Rover Defender old v new comparison: 1948 Series 1 v 1991 Defender 90 v 2016 Defender 90 Heritage Edition

The story of Land Rover is a tale for the ages. The brand launched way back in 1948 in the shadows of World War Two, and it’s clear that the inspiration was the army-spec Willys jeep. History tells us that the Land Rover – as the original model was known – was only supposed to be built for a few years until parent company Rover had enough cash flow to sort out its luxury car offerings...

Land Rover Defender News

2020 Land Rover Defender teased

The Land Rover Defender has been previewed again, this time officially by the manufacturer with a set of prototype images in the Dubai desert. In addition to the new set of photos – which just shows a camouflaged prototype tearing up the dunes and driving along the twisty Jebel Jais highway – Land Rover also announced it is renewing its partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)...

Land Rover Defender: Classic kits bring old off-roaders into 2019

Land Rover will offer classic Defender owners a way to subtly bring their tired off-roaders into 2019. The brand today announced a set of 'Upgrade Kits' for Defender 90 and 110 variants built between 1994 and 2016. There's a small range of upgrades available initially, starting with a set of 18-inch alloy wheels designed to fit all models sold since 1994, nicked from the Works V8 Defender (pictured)...

2020 Land Rover Defender specifications leaked

Details about the drivetrains, dimensions and features of the Land Rover Defender have been leaked ahead of its launch later this year. A user on the forum has posted smartphone photos taken of slides outlining the new Defender's key details. Due to be launched October this year, the first cab off the rank will be the Defender 110...

2020 Land Rover Defender front end leaked

By the time the Land Rover Defender is given its official launch, we'll probably know which football team it supports, and whether it prefers mornings or nights. This image of an undisguised, but incomplete, Defender was posted on Instagram by user bu3amraz_garage, and it's not clear how they came across the photo...

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Land Rover Defender Owner Reviews

1997 Land Rover Defender 110 (4x4) Review

You read the jurno reviews, that all tell you how uncomfortable on the road the Defender is. Have they ever driven one 14 hours a day for weeks on end? Long days of highway driving followed by days in a desert, and thousands of kilometers of secondary corrugated roads? When you do, you realise how comfortable it is...

1994 Land Rover Defender Review

Our mate from across the ditch, Tumm Funn, once moaned about spending six months in a leaky boat… Luxury!! Try spending a day riding shotgun in a Defender! Of course, this iconic British paddock bomb has loads of character, I'll give it that. But. This car is surely one big, elaborate pisstake?? I can imagine the meeting at Land Rover HQ...

2013 Land Rover Defender 90 Review

A Defender is a unique, very special vehicle with a brilliant history. Whilst it is unstoppable offroad, it is still pretty good on road, and many pristine examples on the road today would never see the dirt. They can be surprisingly comfortable, and we have travelled at least 7/800 klms a day in ours with absolutely no issues...

Land Rover Defender Galleries

2020 Land Rover Defender spied again

2020 Land Rover Defender spied

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