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Toyota patents articulated canopy design
24th Aug 2020
1 min read

Toyota patents articulated canopy design

Toyota has designed an articulated cockpit canopy potentially destined for an upcoming performance road car, patent documents filed in the USA suggest. A street-legal version of the 735kW Toyota GR Super Sport concept car has reportedly been in the works for some time, and the recently sighted drawings are likely part of this project. The pictured car shares distinctive characteristics with the GR Super Sport concept, with a similar sweeping tail and rear wheel arches.
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William Davis
Nissan launches first new logo in 20 years
15th Jul 2020
2 min read

Nissan launches first new logo in 20 years

The badges on Nissan cars of the future will switch to a sleeker design to reflect the next generation of hi-tech vehicles. Showrooms will also gradually switch over to the new design over the next few years. The new Nissan logo will debut on the upcoming Ariya – its first fully electric SUV – due in overseas showrooms next year, before it is rolled out on the rest of the range on new or updated models. (See our Ariya revealed story here.)
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Joshua Dowling