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Abarth & C. S.p.A. is a racing car and road car maker founded by Carlo Abarth in 1949.

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2019 Abarth 595 Competizione manual review

It may be based on the huggable Fiat 500, but make no mistake, the Abarth 595 Competizione is more cut-throat than cuddly.

Cars We Own: 2017 Abarth 595 diary

It's bright red, sounds great and, crucially, comes from Italy. It isn't a Ferrari, though. Meet the CarAdvice Abarth 595, a pocket rocket with character to burn.  This is a Cars We Own diary for our own Abarth 595. Think of it as a rolling logbook, a little window into life with the cars in the CarAdvice stable...

The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018, Trent Nikolic: Abarth 595

Plenty of CarAdvice team members have had a serious crack at me for my choice for favourite car of the year. However, the ones who have are forgetting one critical element of any car review - fit for purpose. And that's where the Abarth 595 nails its brief in spectacular fashion. Since first driving it at its local launch, I've clocked up countless kilometres in the 595...

The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018

Welcome to the inaugural CarAdvice Winners Circle, our debut annual award program showcasing our editorial team’s motoring highlight releases of the year. After some long and hard consideration of the pros and cons of more traditional award formats, it was ultimately reader and car industry feedback – through surveys, garage day chats and even a focus group – that moulded exactly the form Winners Circle would take...

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Abarth Videos

CarAdvice Winners Circle: Abarth 595

The Abarth 595 won't be to everyone's tastes, but if you're cross-shopping it with a Polo GTI, you're not an Abarth buyer in the first place. In terms of fun for dollars outlaid, the Abarth 595 is easily my pick of 2018.

CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018: Our favourites

You told us you don't trust the traditional 'Car of the Year' format favoured by most publishers, and you wanted to know more about our own personal faves, objectivity be damned. Well, here it is. Get the full story right here. NOTE: This video was first published on December 18.

Cars We Own: 5 things to know about the Abarth 595

Here's a little look into life with our loveable Italian stallion, the Abarth 595. As you might expect, it's a quirky beast – lucky it's fun to drive, right? Although it provides a window into life with a car, there's only so much we can learn during a regular week-long review...

Abarth 595 Old v New: 1970 v 2017

CarAdvice's own 2017 Abarth 595 (pre-facelift) takes on a replica of the legendary 1970 Abarth 695!

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Abarth Comparisons

2019 Abarth 124 Spider v Mazda MX-5 GT manual

One of these things is quite like the other, but despite close ties, this pair of roadsters arrive at different outcomes.

REVISIT: Abarth 595 Old v New, 1970 to 2017

When it came time for us to add another car to the CarAdvice collection, we realised there was a giant hole – it was one that had to be filled by an Italian car. Ferrari or Lamborghini weren’t the most practical options, so last year we welcomed a red (pre-facelift) 2017 Abarth 595 to our family – a Fiat 500 with extra horsepower and badging, which is something that’s needed for us car people to get around the city swiftly...

Abarth 124 Spider v Mazda MX-5 comparison

The fact that both the Mazda MX-5 and the Abarth 124 Spider sports cars exist, side-by-side, is a good thing. In fact, they need each other to survive. You've heard it before: the issue with making a sports car is scale. There is a great deal of development cost involved in getting a vision to production and then, because no one really needs sports cars, the return is generally not all that great...

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Abarth News

Stellantis won’t cull brand line-up until at least 2031, according to CEO

Stellantis – an Amsterdam-based conglomerate comprising the 14 former FCA and PSA marques – has given its subsidiaries 10 years each to prove their viability, according to CEO Carlos Tavares. This is despite persistent rumours Chrysler, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Vauxhall (among others) could be set for the chopping block as part of a wider plan to reduce operating costs and streamline marketing...

Stellantis: Merger of Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot groups – UPDATE

UPDATE, 19 January 2021: It's done! Six months after Stellantis was announced as the name of the merger between Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) and the Peugeot Group (PSA), the new entity has launched. The merger makes Stellantis one of the largest car companies in the world, with combined annual sales of around 8.1 million vehicles...

2021 Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro coming to Australia, due second half of 2021

The 2021 Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro is set to launch in Australia by the end of this year. While timing for the limited-run 595 variant has yet to be officially locked in, CarAdvice understands the hi-po Abarth will touch down in Australian showrooms in the second half of 2021...

2021 Abarth 595 updated, due in Australia second half of this year

The 2021 Abarth 595 has received a mild update in Europe to usher in the new year, adding new trim and equipment options – and it could be in Australian showrooms in the second half of this year. Four variants – all available in 595 hatch and 595C convertible body styles – will be offered to European buyers: the eponymous '595' base grade, plus Turismo (pictured in grey), Competizione (pictured in blue) and Esseesse (pictured in white)...

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Abarth Owner Reviews

2016 Abarth 595 review

The search for a first car for me was all about finding something that was fun and unique, to be different from everyone else. I was after a hatch with a bit of poke but also economical on longer drives. After considering cars like the Volkswagen Polo GTI, an older BMW 130i Sport and of course the Abarth. I decided the Abarth was what I was after, and here’s why...

2016 Abarth 124 Spider Review

Fix It Again Tony. When I first saw the official pictures of the Abarth 124 Spider I didn’t think much of them, not that I thought a lot of the ND MX-5. yet I’ve always been a huge fan of the NA MX-5. I completely changed my mind when I saw the Abarth in person, listening to the engine start up and hearing the optionally-fitted Record Monza exhaust...

Tamiya Rising Fighter review

If you were a car person growing up in the ’80s, one of the things that would have gotten your attention were radio-controlled cars, known colloquially as 'RCs'. While most of us ended up with something like the Taiyo Jet Hopper (remember that?), a few of us had the privilege of owning one of those bigger, fancier 1/10th-scale RC off-road buggies...

2018 Abarth 595 Competizione review

A quick note before I jump into the review. In case you haven’t read any of my other owner car reviews, I’m a 14-year-old from Sydney, and I have a passion for cars. It’s November 1908, and in a hospital in Vienna, Austria, a young boy is born by the name of Carlo Abarth...

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