Toyota and Lexus have been releasing a number of new ads under its new campaign titled 'The Hard Way'. Each ad tries to convey the length the Lexus production team goes to to ensure a high-quality product. Some of them are rather boring but some are quite interesting. The latest one, 'The Hard Way - Material Breakthroughs', is one of the interesting ones.
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It shows the technique Toyota use to make carbon fibre. Using a giant loom machine, each fibre strand is bonded together like a big carbon plait. This machine allows Toyota to create any 3D shape and therefor, any aspect of a car. In this ad, the company is using it to make various chassis and structural components for the Lexus LFA supercar.

Apparently, Toyota didn't want to show the world this clip at first as the company thought it would reveal some of its technology secrets to other companies. Looks like Toyota changed its mind. Check it out below.