Mercedes-Benz AMG to introduce hybrid powertrains

Mercedes-Benz and tuning subsidiary AMG have always built cars with one sheer focus: to eat fuel in large, exciting mouthfuls and digest it into an awesome, roaring V8 or V12 soundtrack expelling as much speed as possible in the process. Nowadays though, such companies need to be a bit more vigilant towards more stringent emission laws.
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According to Autocar in the UK, Mercedes-Benz and AMG will introduce a number of hybrid packages for its cars in the aim of reducing fuel consumption, and thus lowering overall CO2 emissions for the company.

Mercedes says the next-generation AMG models will come with eco-friendly features such as stop/start, hybrid and regenerative technologies. AMG has always said such technologies would eventually make there way into the range.

So does this mean the much-loved power-hungry days of AMG are over? Not really. Herbert Kohler, head of Daimler future mobility and advanced engineering, told Autocar recently,

"In the future, AMG will still offer high performance models but there will be hybrids there."

He said that AMG just needs to reduce fuel consumption.

Mr Kohler emphasised the new hybrid versions will not be about trying to offer both performance and eco-friendliness either, saying that Mercedes-Benz is not about to head in that direction.

He said he expected AMG to have prototypes up and running "very soon".