2011 Lotus Evora James Bond Edition

James Bond first drove a Lotus road car back in 1977 in the film The Spy Who Loved Me (the Lotus Esprit S1 which was driven underwater), but Bond has since moved on to other British marques. Lotus is now offering a special edition car to celebrate the famous top-notch spy, called the Lotus Evora James Bond Edition.
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And while it may not have bonnet-mounted machine guns, an ejector seat, or indeed submarine capabilities, surely the Lotus Evora James Bond comes with other typical features that could support the lifestyle of a top agent spy?

Well, no actually. It doesn't feature any James Bond-like revisions, apart from the Bronze metallic paint work including two gold stripes along the bottom. No other changes have been made.

The car was first seen up in the French Alps where speculators thought it was being used as a prop for an upcoming, 23rd installment James Bond movie. Lotus has said speculations were wrong and that the company only made the car for marketing purposes.

It's a shame that the car isn't going to be featured in an upcoming Bond film. It's also a shame that it doesn't come with any special gadgets. It is up for sale though, and if you want the exclusivity of owning the only Lotus Evora James Bond Edition in the world, then simply hand over $72,000 and it's yours.

It's currently on sale at Silverstone Lotus in the UK.