Our spy photographers have managed to snap this 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe example sitting in a parking lot, prior to its launch, wearing zero camouflaging.
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We've already seen the car in full detail through renderings and potential 'Photoshopped' images, and in convertible form, but these are the first images we've seen of the car in what appears to be production trim.

It also appears to be wearing normal-sized alloy wheels and does without other flamboyant aspects, such as lowered suspension, that previous glamour shots featured.

The new model was unveiled at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month, but only as a convertible. So this is the first time we've seen the elegant coupe shape in the flesh.

BMW will launch the 2012 BMW 6 Series during the second half of this year in Australia as a Coupe initially, and then later this year introduce the convertible variant.