Man reunited with stolen Camaro after 27 years

A Nevada man has been reunited with his 1973 Chevrolet Camaro 27 years after he reported it stolen.
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On July 31, 1983, Robert Andrews informed police in his hometown of Santa Ana that the then-10-year-old Camaro was missing.

Little was heard of his pride and joy until November this year, when a man tried to register a Camaro that he purchased from a woman in Los Angeles.

At the time, she told him the car had been sitting in her backyard for the past 15 years.

As is routine with older vehicles and those with contradictory paperwork, the Department of Motor Vehicles forwarded the Camaro on to the California Highway Patrol for a more thorough inspection.

While carrying out the inspection, police discovered the vehicle identification number on the windscreen did not match those stamped on other parts of the car.

After running the numbers, officers determined the Camaro was indeed the one that had been stolen from Mr Andrews almost three decades ago.

He reclaimed the vehicle on Tuesday from the California Highway Patrol’s West Los Angeles office.

Police intend to speak with the woman who sold the vehicle over how it came to be in her backyard.

This got us thinking: What stories do you have of vehicles from your past that you have seen again after years apart?