Ford is set to kill the Mondeo after 29 years of production, as the Blue Oval moves towards electrified SUVs.
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The Ford Mondeo will be discontinued after three decades of production.

Ford announced the Mondeo will end its production in March 2022, with the expectation it will be replaced by a high-riding SUV model.

Launched in Europe in 1993 to replace the Sierra, Australia first saw the Ford Mondeo two years later – touted as the company's first true global car.

On the back of falling sales, in 2019 the company's local arm announced it would stop importing the Mondeo in the second half of 2020. It had been on sale since 2007, following a seven-year absence.

"The market segment in which the Mondeo competes has been dwindling for years and is down about 80 per cent since 2000," a Ford spokesperson told Automotive News Europe.

Above: The Mondeo's replacement spied earlier this year, now expected to wear the 'Evos' badge.

Industry rumours suggest the Mondeo will make way for a new SUV, possibly borrowing the 'Evos' moniker which debuted on a concept shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

A range of electrified powertrains are expected on the upcoming vehicle, with Ford of Europe announcing it will begin manufacturing a 2.5-litre 'Duratec' hybrid engine late 2022.

The Blue Oval says 100 per cent of its vehicles will be electric or plug-in hybrid by 2026, with the company transitioning into an all-electric range by 2030.