Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel

I love Subarus. Maybe its because I own one? Maybe its because its that "bang for your buck" philosophy or perhaps its the AWD system in the subbies that makes me feel nice and warm inside. Whatever it is, Subaru has a few fans here at Car Advice.
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So with some anticipation I am glad to say that Subaru are moving into the world of Diesel, and better yet, they are doing it Subaru style. Subaru has confirmed that the development of the world’s first horizontally opposed diesel engine, the Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel, is almost complete!

Subaru says that the Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel engine maintains the excellent balance of Subaru’s trademark horizontally opposed engine, which has been perfected over the past 34 years.

"The superb rotational balance of the horizontally-opposed engine allows low vibration because the pistons counteract each other to cancel it out," Subaru Europe President Hiroyuki Ikeda said."Moreover, with its firmly supported crankshaft, the crankcase construction is strong enough to resist huge combustion pressure. The horizontally opposed engine’s character is proving an excellent match for a diesel engine."Also, the adoption of a thin journal for the crankshaft and turbo charger placed under the cylinder block enhances all the advantages of the Boxer Engine, which are low centre of gravity, low vibration, high rigidity and compactness."This delivers diesel’s powerful torque from the engine to the wheels, and increases traction, making the Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel yet another achievement of Subaru’s advanced technology."Last but not least, the Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel boasts lower CO2 emissions in consideration of the environment," Mr. Ikeda said.

The Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel engine will be unveiled at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

No production timetable has been announced.