Despite traffic tapering off during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, it's now back with a vengeance in certain spots.
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New data has identified the Melbourne roads where traffic congestion is actually worse than it was before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic – with some locations seeing a 20 per cent surge in motorists compared to 2019.

While most roads have either maintained or lowered their congestion levels in 2021 compared with 2019, a small handful have seen a surge in traffic.

RACV-owned traffic and mobility data firm Intelematics used road sensors, cameras and connected vehicles to map the city's intersections.

In doing so, it identified the busiest roads in Melbourne and the rate of daily traffic they're experiencing in 2021 compared to 2019.

While it didn't record an increase on 2019 traffic levels, Queens Road emerged as the busiest road in Melbourne.

It has averaged 182,804 vehicles per day so far this year – after dropping to 103,082 vehicles during the 2020 lockdown and registering 187,840 vehicles per day, pre-pandemic, in 2019.

One road where traffic is now markedly worse than it was two years ago is Spencer Street, which has recorded a 20 per cent increase on 2019 congestion levels, after a dramatic 22 per cent decline in traffic during the state's lockdowns.

Punt Road has also seen traffic congestion rise by 11.5 per cent in 2021, compared with 2019.

Victoria Street and Kings Way have all also witnessed increased congestion this year compared with the pre-pandemic levels, although not to the same degree.

Intelematics attributed this phenomenon to a rise in commuters avoiding public transport and opting instead to travel in their own vehicle in an effort to reduce their exposure to the virus.

The 10 worst traffic roads in Melbourne for 2021

1. Queens Road

2. King Street

3. Kings Way

4. Lonsdale Street

5. Olympic Boulevard

6. Victoria Street

7. Elizabeth Street

8. Alexandra Avenue

9. Collins Street

10. Flinders Street